Activities That Can Be Done at Home with Young Children

Do you have children of kindergarten age or younger? It can be very difficult to keep children at home at this age, especially during the covid 19 pandemic. However, you can spend some time with your children by using simple materials. Here are some suggestions for activities that can be done at home with young children:

Separating colors:

Put similar and different objects in a basket. Ask your child to take these objects out of the basket one by one and classify the colors. It will be a very distracting and enjoyable game for a child at that age.

Painting various objects:

You can use watercolors to paint glasses and plates that you can set aside for this job at home (be careful not to cut children’s hands) This would be a work that will improve the creativity of children. For example, you can create extremely creative things by painting and giving various shapes to the wooden sticks left from ice cream.

Guessing games:

You can play games such as guessing the color and shape of an object by asking. This is a game that improves your child’s thinking ability.

Activities that can be done at home with young children do not necessarily have to be expensive. Just use your creativity and take time for them. You can develop many other games than our recommendations.