Celebrity Street Style

Street style of celebrities are a source of inspiration for us. Stalking their instagram and looking at their papparazzi photos to see what they wear in daily life is one of our biggest hobbies. Celebrities like Kendall jenner, Kylie Jenner, Bella Hadid, Gigi Hadid, Hailey Bieber set the trends of fashion with their street style. Let’ s look the Celebrity Street Style get inspired by them!


Hailey Bieber is one of those girls who can pull of anything. She loves marshella pants, 80’ s suits, neon sweatpants, blazers, biker shorts, yoga pant. She looks great with every outfit. She usually has her signature hoops on which are about size. She always ties in her hair back into a slick bun. And she likes wearing celine sunglasses.


Bella Hadid’s street style like 90’ s style. She likes wearing sexy things. But her street style is equally sexy and sporty. She often wears 90’ s baggy jeans, cargo pants, bermuda style shorts, leather trousers, mom jeans and mom shorts. And she loves to wear crop top. Her style signature is tinny glasses and hoop earing. Sometimes she wears high healed shoes but she generally prefers sneakers over stilettos.


Gigi Hadid has a masculine style. She likes to wear trousers, jackets, suits and overalls. Oversized outfits that don’ t show body lines are her favorite. She is one of the best top models in America. She can be sexy even in jeans and a t-shirt.


Kardashian’ s and Jenner’ s, they are pretty much the most famous celebrities ,ever. This is because Kendall Jenner is the highest paid model in the world.Kendall has a great street style outside of work. Altough she dresses a little bit boyishbut, her style is very New York vibe. She also use her hair in like a slick middle put bun all the time. And she has a lot of small black square sun glasses.


Kylie Jenner is a billionere and most people can’t afford her luxurious wardrobe. She likes to wear body-hugging mini dresses. Also she likes transparent shoes with high heels. She is with famous her essence make up and full lips.

Source: Pinterest