DIY: Do Not Throw It Away, Use It By Recycling!

As daily consumption continues at homes, garbage production also increases. Packages of products that are finished every day are thrown into the garbage. The increasing amount of garbage piles in the world also cause great damage to the environment. Of course, we’ll throw away our garbage, but wouldn’t it be better if there was a way to evaluate everything rather than throw it away right away? Of course, there is. It is possible to reuse things before throwing them away or to produce something different. Do not throw it away, use it by recycling!

Let’s see what some of the things in the house are suitable for recycling:

Toilet paper rolls


Great crafts can be made with kids from toilet paper rolls. This both improves their manual skills and creativity and makes use of paper rolls.

Plastic bags

Craft lovers can cut plastic bags into strips and use them to knit.

Egg cartons

Finished egg cartons are also very beautiful handcrafted materials. You can use it in fun activities with children. It can also be used to sprout seeds.

Ice cream sticks


You can also make a variety of things with children from wooden ice cream sticks. For example, you can make things like flowers, wind roses and paint them in different colors.

Old wheels or CDs can also be painted and evaluated in different ways. For example, a raft or ship can be built by connecting wine bottle corks together. We are sure that you can use your creativity by recycling rather than throwing them away. Our motto is: Do Not Throw It Away, Use It By Recycling!


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