Gardening with Kids to Make Them Healthy and Happy

Gardening with Kids to Make Them Healthy and Happy, gardening with kids, playing in the garden with kids

When going out in the garden, be sure to bring your children along. They will benefit in all sorts of unexpected ways. Ask your children to come with you to improve their eating habits, boost their mental health and reduce their risk of obesity. Here are some:

It will make them more likely to eat fruits and vegetables

Do you think that nothing will ever make your selective food like cabbage? Try letting the plant grow in the backyard. Research has shown that when children grow their own vegetables, they are more likely to eat them. One study found that preschoolers who ate fruits and vegetables at home were more than twice as likely to receive five servings a day as those who never ate from a backyard garden. In addition, the team of mini gardeners preferred the taste of fresh produce over other foods.

Provides exercise

Ask your children to put the tablet on and give you a hand. Although it seems that planting, weeding, watering and harvesting vegetables is unlikely to make you sweat. Digging and rake were the most demanding tasks. And, if your child does not like them, send him / her to run back and forth to the gardening shed to get gloves, watering can and other tools and make sure they are tired.