How A Brunch Wedding Should Be

The wedding brunch is a great choice whether you want to host a dancefloor or not. If you are cleaning the floor, be aware that not everyone will come to dance at 9 p.m. on Saturday.

Neutral, gold and green

The best part of a brunch is that you can design whatever you want and on any budget, whether it is a low-key party or indoors hosted in a great space. We love it personally, including neutral tones, green and white for style, and we add some great gold tones to make it pop.

Brilliant food

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the word brunch? Food! You can not make a wedding brunch without offering the ultimate menu. Think of it as a buffet breakfast at the hotel. Offer sweets and savory to cover everyone. The downside is that you have to watch out for more food than an evening wedding because of different flavors and brunch.

For adults who need caffeine in the morning, we love the idea of ​​a coffee cart. You can find some great ones to suit your theme and style. Do you want to combine things? Why not have a stroller outside the ceremony for everyone to enjoy before the wedding, so when it comes to brunch everyone is awake and ready to take part.

Indoor or outdoor

You can be flexible with brunch venues, however, an indoor location designed for an evening business may seem out of place. When the weather is right, an outdoor brunch is a great backdrop for a wedding. You can set it to be as eccentric or relaxed as you want.

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