How To Keep Your Hair Clean

How To Keep Your Hair Clean:Whether it is a festival or just trying to train your hair to become less oily, there are some tricks and tips you can use to wash your hair less and keep it clean for longer.

Although everyone’s hair type is different and different scalp needs different regimes, daily washing can lead to excessive cleansing of your hair. Stripped of natural oils, your hair can become more oily and even feel brittle.

Clean with sulfate-free shampoo

Over many traditional shampoos, sulfates are hard ingredients, also used in engine detergents and degreasers. This ingredient can over-clean your hair, removing strands of essential moisture. In response, your hair increases oil production to balance the scalp, leading to oily hair.

Although some sulfate-free shampoos do not rust, they do. You may think that foam is what cleans your hair, but it does not! It was introduced to serve as a visual indication along with the shampoo, but it does not make your hair cleaner. Besides, you can even find a sulfate-free shampoo that foams if you feel you need it.

Stop touching your hair!

We all know how tempting this can be, but try not to touch your hair. Regular contact between hot fingers and your hair creates oil, leaving your hair greasy. Accepting your hair more often is an easy solution, you are less likely to touch it and styling also helps you rub your hair with oil for longer.